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Cathie Jung's X-Rays

Photo 1. Chest before corset training started – Front View
Photo 1. Chest before corset training started – Side View
Photo 3. The position of the heart is reversed due to the copying process. This does show the rib cage and spine. Notice the narrow appearing disc and the straight spine. After corset training with corset on. Front view.
Photo 4. After corset training with corset on. Side view. The other views (photo 3 and 4) show Cathie after years of corseting with the corset on. Notice the wider disc due to the stretching of the body with the corset. This protects the disc. Notice the obvious narrowing of the rib cage with the corset on. The last two ribs on each side are the “floating ribs”. Notice most of the chest and heart are not compressed by the corset. The rib cage is reshaped. Notice the back remains straight and protected. These last X-rays are after 15 years of corseting.
Cathie without her corset. X-ray taken in Japan. Prominent change of the ribcage.
Cathy’s style of corset is mainly the Ice Cream Cone — with a very small conical top section, low waistline and rounded hemisphere snugly cupping her upper hips. The result of this type of corset training has radically re-arranged Cathy’s rib structure and lengthened her spine (readily seen in the X-ray photo shown below). In a recent phone conversation with Cathy and Bob. I asked if they had a new “ultimate”. Yes, they replied, we are now GOING FOR 14”! Cathy J’s side view. On the left, X-ray clearly shows lengthening of space between spinal rings and midified rib position. Uncorseted photo on right shows outer body modification of her torso.