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Cathie Jung

Of course, Ethel Granger and Cathie Jung are among the best known corsetwearers of contemporary corsethistory! Both ladies appear in the Guinness Book of World Records. You can find Cathie on the website of Guinness Books of World Records under Human Body/Smallest waist on a living person.

The entries state Ethel’s corseted waist of 13 inch (33 cm) and Cathie’s 15 inch (38 cm) but in a way, Cathie has beaten Ethel.
In her time, Ethel Granger was able to reduce her waist from 23 inch (58,5 cm) to 13 inch (33 cm), so, a reduction of about 10 inch (25 cm). Cathie Jung reducedher waist from 26 inch (66 cm) to 15 inch (38 cm), a reduction of 11 inch (27,5 cm).
To achieve this, it’s an absolute necessity to wear the corset day and night. Only when the weather is unbearably hot, the corset is taken off for a short while.

Ethel Granger

Corsetlovers however, must keep in mind that waistreduction, to the extent that Cathie has achieved, is only possible when done slowly and well planned.

All too often there’s the tendency to lace too tight too soon, only resulting in a wearer unable to get used to the corset. Contrarily, when done more gradual, it is more easy to get accustomed to the corset and the reduction can be taken further.

Not many will achieve a waistline such as Cathie’s, as this takes an iron will and discipline as well as an adapted, 24 hour-a-day lifestyle.