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Cathie, with her marvelous waist of 15 inch is always a joy and we will certainly publish more photographs and articles about her on this website.

June 17, 2011
Magdalena Hammar
Hello Cathie (I hope this is redirected straight to you, or that you can at least read it!) I just thought I’d tell you how incredible I find your corsetry and tightlacing. I wish to one day achieve your waist, and I plan on staring as soon as i can afford more than one custom made corset. I am only 15 years old, and have only sewn 18th century stays myself, as I am very interested in historical costuming. My current uncorseted waist is 24,5 inches, and when corseted I have gone down to around 20″.

There is no such feeling as the feeling of wearing a corset, and I never feel more beautiful than I do when I’m tightly laced. Perhaps it was unnecessary to write you this short message, and I am sure you receive loads of them, but I figured it was the easiest way for me to show my admiration!

Thank you for bringing back the incredible waists of lost times, you are a true icon, and absolutely amazing!

February 23rd, 2011
Jessica Marshall
Q. Hello……..does it hurt your stomach or waist line? is it hard for you to breathe?

Cathie: The answer to both your questions is “no”.  The most important thing is to reduce your waist slowly and have a well fitting custom made corset.  Cathie Jung

February 1st, 2011
Jen Dickinson
Dear Mrs. Jung, I am a huge fan! I really admire your dedication to your goal. I have very recently started waist training myself. I am 5’4”, 33-27-33, 117lbs; I hope to get down to a 22” waist. I may go further but that is my goal for now.

Q. I do have a question for you. I have been trying to wear my corset for 10 to 12 hours a day, unfortunately when I put it on today after donating plasma I felt quite faint and sick to my stomach. I had to take it off after only a few minutes and I didn’t have it laced as tight as I can go. I think the two activities are like oil and water. I donate plasma on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I think I may still be able to get in 4 or 5 hours of wear on those days. My question is: In your opinion, will I be able to achieve my goal while wearing my corset for 10-12 hours a day, 5 days a week and 4-5 hours, 2 days a week?
I would greatly appreciate your input and any and all advice.  Thank you so much for your time.
Cordially yours, -Jen Dickinson

Cathie:  Dear Jen,
I would suggest you might try putting your “corset time” in at night. When I started I first started with a tight belt for sleeping and then, since I am such a procrastinator, started sleeping in my corset. I would be happy to speak with you directly if you’d like to call. We live in the Eastern Time Zone. PH: 252-473-2282.
Do let me hear from you.
Cathie Jung

YouTube Comment Dec 2010
as with all things, there is moderation and extremes. Now, Cathie Jung is extreme, but using a corset daily, if moderately tight, gives by time an hourglass shape that looks proportionate and is healthy. The world would be boring if we all had the same shape, and anyway corseting is for sure less wasteful and harmless to health compared to obesity

Comment December 2010

Hello, Dear Cathie. I’ve heard many things about you around the web and it is so very sad to see how ignorant and rube people can become while meeting something, that is beyond their understanding of “normal”. I think that they are to judgmental and overall unfair towards you. You are a lovely woman. And your personality is the most admirable thing about you. Please know, that there’s a lot of people around the world that care very much and wish you all the very best. Please stay as kind and beautiful as you are. It is the inspiration for us all.

Q. Have you had any ribs removed?

Because my husband is an orthopedic surgeon, people are naturally doubly suspicious. When I appeared on a Japanese TV production they wanted to know the “truth” and documented the issue by taking X-rays which demonstrated the presence of all my ribs.

Q. Why did you want to achieve the “Guinness Record”?

  Records were never my goal. My interest in wearing a corset stemmed from wearing Victorian and having them look well. This was achieved by wearing appropriate corsets under the dresses. When a corset became loose fitting I would order a smaller
one. I have not ordered anything smaller since 1998 or earlier. Actually
Guinness pursued me for at least one year before I agreed to appear on their

Q. At what age did you start wearing corsets?

  I wore a custom made corset under my wedding gown in 1959. After that, while my children were growing up, I only wore a corset sporadically under a special dress. We didn’t have time or resources to pursue a custom corset nor did we know of any custom corsetiers.
I was forty-three when we made our first trip to England and Germany and had my first custom corsets made.

Q. Is there any key to successful corset-wearing?

  I’d say two: A custom, well-fitting corset; not trying to achieve unreasonable reduction at any one time–take things slowly!!

Q. Do you sleep in your corset?

  I wear my corset 24/7 except for showers. I find this easier than adjusting to the tightness each time you put it on.
As a young person whole plans on going to college for art, particularly costume design, corsets fascinate me! I wanted to ask you one question I have always wondered:  When someone who has been waist training for years takes off their corset, does the waist remain shaped like it was with the piece on? I mean does it retain the figure without the corset?
I am only able to speak for myself–on a few occasions when I have removed my corset for up to two weeks my waist measurement expanded by a few inches but the silhouette and shape of my ribcage remained very conical. It would be difficult for me to figure how long this would remain or if it would ever change significantly. Feel free to ask me more specifics.

Q. Can you please tell me more about the high heels that you wear, how many you have, how often you wear them, etc.?
I remember seeing you on Ripley’s. Believe It or Not (or similar program) on television a few years ago and couldn’t help noticing those high heels that you was wearing. Since then, I have also seen some of your pictures on the Internet.

Thanks for your note. Shoes were made by Pasquale DiFabrizio who is in Los Angeles. He is semi retired now but has a fascinating shop–boxes and boxes on his shelves but they are filled with client’s last, not finished shoes. I am not at home right now but when I get back I will look for the photos I have of his shop and will publish these photos on my website. I have about fifteen pairs of shoes which he made–some basic pumps and a few very elaborate ones as well as four pairs of lace up, knee high boots.

Q. We have been admirers of you for a long time! I have been corset training my wife for several years and wondered if you have experienced any physical problems for long term tightlacing. My wife is corseted about 18 hours a day, but we would like to make it more like 24/7.  Do you have any advice for us?  Thank you for your time.

I would doubt there would be any difference between what you’re doing and 24/7. I would have to say that the only problems I have had relate to my super sensitive skin–I am allergic to tape and the adhesive in those drug patches so I do pay close attention to my skin and sometimes use a Tegaderm (a clear dressing which is like a second skin and comes in a variety of sizes) to protect my skin in a vulnerable or mildly abraded area. These are great because they are transparent and breathe and you can leave them on while you shower.

Q. Hi I am 18 and from Germany. I found your site. You have a superlook in your corset.
Can I ask some questions about your life??? Is it right that you wear your corset 24/7? Do you have all the time only 15 inch? What do feel if you take it off? What do you feel if you take it on?
I believe that live is very difficult for you and that you need a lot of discipline to stay all the in a corset or am I wrong. It will be great to hear something from you

Cathie: It was so nice of you to take time to write to me. I do wear a corset 24/7 and have been for so many years that I am very comfortable wearing it. Actually leaving it on all the time is easier since you don’t have to become accustomed to the tightness each time you wear it.
Are you interested in wearing a corset or do you have friends who do? It is certainly a big fashion statement these days.

Q. Cathie, congratulations on your wonderful waist. I know there are many pictures in the gallery of your corsets and wonderful Victorian dresses, but I think there would be an interest in the dressing process, from corset outwards.

Cathie: We do have a series of pictures showing the “layers”. We’ll get them together in the near future.

Q. Hi Cathie  I think a video would be a great idea, released on DVD it should have a future and it would be such a shame if your wonderful waist was not recorded in as many ways as possible.
Admiringly yours

Cathie: We do not have a video that is publicly available but have contemplated creating one if we knew there would be enough interest. There is a reasonable cost involved producing something which is not totally amateurish! Your thoughts as to interest are welcome.

Q. Hi Cathie: The corsets are absolutely stunning. What is your waist size in that corset? Every picture on your website shows your magnificent waist tightly laced but none with the corset just put on before being laced. Since you stated your uncorsetted waist is 21 inches, it would be nice to see pictures of what that corset looks like when just put on and then every inch or so of the waist transformation until finish laced. If that corset is 15 inches, that would be 5 or 6 pictures of the lacing process. I’m sure everyone would enjoy seeing them. Is this possible? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Cathie: Thanks for your note. We will take some “progressive” pictures soon.

Q. Hi Thanks for the answer. I like to the figure and and like to talk to human being which do something special. I want to understand their sport. I for myself have enough problem to wear my bra during the day. But I do a lot of sport so I have to do it.
But what is you idea to live in the corset? Do want to have the figure or do like the tightness or do only want to be unusual? You open the corset everyday for washing yourself what do you feel then? Do you feel free then ? What happens if you close it again do you like this? How long you need to close it? Do you have then any pressure to your body or is your body now like the corset?
What happens if you go in public how do people react? Can you live a normal live doing sport ,work in house and garden and so on or are there some borders for you? Can you go to 14 inch or so ?

Cathie: I got interested in the corset in order to make Victorian style clothing look proper. As I mentioned to you before it is easier for me to leave it on than to take it off and put it back on–I’m a little bit lazy you might say. The climate where we live is generally on the cool side so at least except for summer time it is not necessary to shower every day. We do have a bidet so that takes care of keeping those areas clean and the rest of my skin actually benefits from not being subjected to soap and hot water daily–that tends to be very drying for the skin. I have corsets made by several different corset makers and they each have individual styles and shapes so the pressure points might be slightly different from one to the other so I am aware of that when I change corsets.

I am used to the public awareness. The people in the town where we live are also used to seeing me around and rarely say anything. In new surroundings people sometimes comment but it doesn’t bother me.

I live a very normal life–do my own housework, shopping errands, and even deep-sea fishing while wearing my corset. I have no desire to get my waist any smaller. That would require new corsets and clothing to wear over them.
What kinds of sports do you do?
Cathie Jung

A few questions for you if I may ask.

Q. Is the pic I send you of the close up purple corset the same one as you standing by the chair with your silver corset on it. if so i have been very interested in your work for some time now. also, attached is a pic of some other chick in a sliver corset. most of my friends thought it was fake. i had a feeling it was real. i have look for what seams to be eons trying to find another like it. now i see that u have a metal corset. where, how, when can i find one. i need to know. I don’t care about cost or time to receive it. they are just SO awaysome. what does it feel like all in a metal corset? is it like all your other corsets. please tell me all that you know by e-mail or other means. thank you for any and all info ahead of time

Cathie: The purple “corset” is actually a long ball gown with a corset built into it. That dress goes under the corset cover you see in the second picture and was made to simulate armor. The dress and cover were the graduation project of two graduate students at FIT in NYC. I do not know of anyone to recommend to make anything in metal. I know of a few people who are doing it for themselves but not a source.
The other photo has been around for a while and while we don’t know for sure, have never seen it in the “flesh” nor have we spoken with anyone who has. Our thoughts are that it does not truly exist.

Q. Dear Cathy, Just want to drop you a note to congratulate you on you wonderful hourglass figure.
I have been curious about some of the pictures or you in swimsuit. From what I could discern in the pictures, your corset seems to be incorporated into the swimsuit? Are you swimsuits made of the usual material for swimsuits? I assume you have to use lacing; is it disguised or covered in some way? Any concern about the boning being affected by saltwater?

Cathie: Both lace up the back like a corset without a busk so it is a two “man” job to put it on. The solid black suit is of a firm fabric so it is not necessary to wear a corset underneath. The suit with the royal blue bone casings is a softer fabric so I do wear a short corset underneath it.
They are obviously more for show than actually swimming but I have worn both of them in salt water and have rinsed them out like I would any other bathing suit. Hope this answers your questions.

Q. In day-to-day living, what do you do with the long dangling loops of laces? I know of three options: wind them around the waist (making a bulge). knotting and cutting off the excess a la fetish stories, or tucking the laces under the edge(s) of the corset. Sylphide said she winds them around her waist and noted that they are marking the lovely black leather corset made for her by Albert. Although your husband provides sound financial support, I imagine that he does not buy you a new set of laces everyday. And photos show that you use central loopers on your corsets so edge-tucking is out.

With appreciation for your achievements.

Cathie: Basically I just let them “hang”. As you stated it adds bulk to the waist and is not good for the corset to wrap them around the waist. It was never done in the “OLD DAYS”. Aside from any expense for new laces should you cut them off it would be a real “pain” to re-lace a corset each time it was worn.

Q. Dear Cathie, Thanks for the wonderful pictures of your beautiful hourglass figure in the silver corset. I can never say enough about how beautiful your figure is.  RE silver corset – the new pictures and some other older ones on your site and on the old LGM website always intrigued me, if you don’t mind??
1. Since it is metal [ I assume ???] does it still fit if your measurements change? I have gotten the impression [ maybe wishful thinking on my part ?? ] that your figure has gotten more shapely over the years? Whether your bust had gotten fuller or your waist smaller?? So if they changed, would that have an effect on you wearing the silver corset now? In the most recent pictures, it seemed to fit now as wonderfully as it did back in 1997??
Of course, if your breast cup size got larger and the metal cups of silver corset can not change, I can’t imagine how anyone would complain about the viewing result?
2. In a sense I would think that this silver corset is an “Uber/super” corset? Whereas other corsets have boning and a busk to limit movement, I had the feeling the silver corset was solid and did not bend at all? Once you were in it, you had to stand upright?? And achieve the figure the silver corset wanted??
Best regards and love all the pictures of your wonderful figure!

Cathie: The silver corset is really a corset cover. The dress underneath has a built in corset that laces on under the zipper. The silver is hinged and hooks on with a hasp-like hook. Unless I changed size drastically it should not be a problem wearing it.

Q. Dear Cathie, Have now found your web site and what a pleasure it is. You are an inspiration to all corset lovers!
What a turn on!

Cathie: Thanks for taking time to drop a line. Cathie 

Q. Greetings, Cathie!
I found myself browsing your site again (which does not surprise me). I don’t know if you need the info – that person who asked needs to anyway – The pic with the blonde in that silver corset is indeed fake. She is actually wearing something that only has the front mold. The back is just some minimal straps to keep it on – the model in the picture doesn’t have such an extreme waist. The model’s name is Caprice Bourret. Mostly known as just Caprice.

Still finding your silver corset very intriguing…
Yours Jyri

Cathie: Thanks for your note.

Q. Hi Cathie. Thanks for the answers to my questions re tight lacing and the redistribution of flesh to bust and hips/bottom. I had always assumed that to be the case and part of the reason for tight lacing – not only a visual appearance of a larger bust and hips but and actual increase. Part of the reason I asked was a comment by your husband in a short video clip that through tight lacing the organs get compressed. That led me to it idea that it was mainly compression of flesh and not redistribution.
So I was wondering – would this redistribution of flesh from tight lacing also increase the wearers bra cup size?
BTW, I have to congratulate and thank you for the video [ I am not even sure where I saw it ] in which you and Bob talked about your tight-lacing lifestyle. I know you have probably written the same ideas before but it added a dimension and better understanding to see and hear the words as you and Bob spoke them.

Cathie: If you define cup size as the actual size of breasts or breast tissue itself it should not cause an increase by tight lacing. Visually it may appear that way.

Q. Hi Cathie! love your new Pictures!!!
The picture clearly demonstrates [ not that I ever had any doubt ] ;
1. What a beautiful figure you have!
2. And the close up shows the wonderful contrast of your tiny waist to your bust and hips!
3. And you serve as a real live living symbol and model to women who would love to have the shapely corsetted figure you have achieved.
However I am curious, did you [ and Bob ] ever consider a waist not quite as small when you were working toward the tiny waist you now have?
Would you ever consider be satisfied with not quite as small a waist in the future? Because I somehow got the feeling that Bob was more of a driving force?
In any event, I would love to see more closeup pictures of your beautiful shapely figure. So please post more!!
BTW, do you have any preference for the number of garter straps that you prefer? Or do you wear more in deference to Bob?
Do you have a preference for being called Cathy or Cathie? I have seen both.

Cathie: I’m Cathie, short for Catherine; always wrote it with an “ie” because “y” in script always came below the line and interfered with script on the next line–so now you know!!
I prefer three or four garters per side to give an even pull on the stockings. Two don’t work and I’m not into the fetish look of a zillion…  As far as ultimate waist size I never had a specific goal and just stopped at this point because. Right now we are cruising in the Bahamas on our boat so I tend to leave the corset a bit looser due to the activity level–fishing, etc.–and the air temperature which can get up into the eighties. But when I get back home I’ll get back to my routine.
Thanks for your notes. Keep in touch.

Q. Hi Cathie, I too have escaped snowy Connecticut for at least part of the winter. Considering the amount of snowfalls [ it just seems more than average this winter ] I am quite happy to be in Key West Florida again this year. In your recent email, you mentioned that you have not been lacing as tight during your sailboat cruise in the Caribbean? Unless your sail boat is now some kind of luxury yacht, I would suspect that you were not always in air-conditioning when sailing in the Caribbean? Does the hot humid air when sailing present special difficulties? And do you know if women who lived in the Caribbean 2 hundred years ago, laced during the hot part of the year?

Cathie: We have a small sport fisherman but it does have ac. It is more the necessity for being extremely agile, etc than the temperature and humidity. It stays pretty moderate here in the Bahamas–maximum in the eighties.
Time to go FISHING

Q. Hi Cathie & Bob, In awe of the pictures of you posted on the web. I love the pictures of you in the swimsuits but they got me to wondering:
From what you either wrote to me previously or posted somewhere on the Internet, I understand the swimsuits like the blue and black one are boned and laced like your corsets? And are laced to your current measurements? Can I assume the blue striping on the suit are boning pockets? I guess I had not realized that corset boning was as curved as the blue stripes in that suit? This might be a dumb question – but does that swim suit have a busk [ if that is the right term?] like I assume all your corsets do? I assume the swim suits do not open in front so that might partially eliminate need or desire to have one?
Although I am sure no one could ever doubt your incredibly shapely figure, I have to congratulate the idea of the pictures in gallery 15 & 16. The blue/black swimsuit and the black leather?? corset do a fantastic job of showcasing your wonderful figure. It si fantastic how the corset and swimsuit, show off the contrast between your tiny waist and shapely hips [ I think that is called – your hipspring ???]. I realized you had a beautiful shapely figure by what you had told me in the past and by other pictures but those 2 – [swimsuit and corset] really
Being that I am fair skinned, I always avoided getting sunburned. But I would suspect that you might choose to do some nude [ or semi nude ] sunbathing – like when you are alone on the boat with Bob, for example?? If you did, would getting a sunburn prevent you from lacing until the burn is gone?

Cathie: Sorry to be so long getting back to you. We were awy and then went on a paid trip to London for TV appearances. Then we went on to Amsterdam to visit our friends t Bizarre design and JC Creations.
Neither bathing suit has a busk–the black one is firm and basically a corset on its own so I wear it on its own. The one with the blue is relatively soft so I wear a short corset underneath.
Re sun: I am basically relatively fair–tan nicely with care but burn readily. I’m not much for “sun bathing” per se–can’t just lie around doing nothing–also can’t be bothered taking the corset off and on. I am cautious re sun burn in any instance.

Q. Hello!  It amazes me the amount of dedication it must have taken to achieve such beautiful results! What a strong character! My question is, aside from corsets which are obviously custom-made, do you have to have all of your clothes sewn just for you or is it mostly lycra? Also, do you wear your beautiful corsets as outter wear everyday or do you wear “ordinary” clothes over your waist training garments? Thanks so much for taking the time to read my silly questions. I am fascinated by corsetry but haven’t met someone as refined in this art as yourself to ask before.

Cathie: Thanks for your note. 
Yes, all my “better” clothes are custom as well.  Bob is an orthopaedic surgeon and used one of his many talents to make a body cast of me in a corset which we then used as a mold to make dress forms.  These are of invaluable help to those sewing for me and are “all over the world”.
Just “working around” I tend to wear leggings and an ordinary shirt belted at the waist.  I do wear my corset as underwear 24/7 and occasionally wear a corset outfit which shows as a corset on the outside. 
My custom clothes are waist defining but, for the most part, are relatively modern in style.  I do have a number of “period” outfits which I wear occasionally. 
Hope this answers some of your questions–feel free to keep in touch.