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Frequently Asked Questions

Cathie, with her marvelous waist of 15 inch is always a joy and we will certainly publish more photographs and articles about her on this website.

Portugal 2004

Q. Dear Cathie,
I really enjoy your website. I love your corsets and clothing. I am a 54 year old woman and I got my first corset on 3 May. Its a front lacer made by Wasp Creations. I have a disability so it would be impossible for me to lace a corset in back. I love it. I wear it day and night. I even sleep in it. My uncorseted waist is 32 inches. With the corset my waist is 30 inches. I am taking things slowly. I find that if the corset is laced too tightly I am loosening it up very quickly. So I lace it to be snug but comfortable.
I think that you are beautiful and look so much younger than your age.
Best wishes

Cathie:  You are on the right track for success–custom made corsets and a reasonable/tolerable reduction. Do keep in touch.

Q. Dear Cathie Although I don’t write in as often as I would like, this is not to suggest that I don’t visit your wonderful website on a more regular basis. Let’s face it; you are the personification of what a corset can do for a shapely figure. Of course I suspect you were always pretty shapely? How long have you been lacing? I mean – was it for a special event? Or something you or your husband were attracted to?
In response to a previous inquiry, you were kind enough to share your bust size 40 – bra size 32DD and hip size – 39. From what I remember you mentioned that your bra size is a reflection of your narrow rib cage? Is that because of tight lacing or were you always that small – 32?
Again in an early E-mail exchange, you mentioned silver collar was locking and wear it normally when your hair is down so lock is not visible? Looking back at pictures, I guess I thought the silver collar was not that wide – less visible allowing you to wear it on many more situations? Does that mean you have more than 1 locking silver collar?
In closing, don’t stop whatever you are doing! You are an inspiration!Best Regards

Cathie:  Actually I wore a custom made corset under my wedding gown nearly forty-five years ago and then wore a corset (off the “peg” variety) under party dresses or gowns which I made for special occasions. Once my kids were grown and out of the nest we had corsets custom made and that was the start of the 24/7. That was more than twenty years ago now.
I only have one locking silver neck piece but do have other silver necklaces which don’t look like collars–I tend to wear silver, not gold!! Fortunate for the budget!!
We are basically interested in the Victorian image (silhouette) created by the corset. There was a lot of influence from the movies and musicals from the fifties as well as the NEW Look a bit later. Fortunately it’s quite a fashion statement worldwide now.

Q. Hi Cathie!  I have enjoyed your web site … keep up the great work.  I was wondering if stemwaist corsets are much harder to wear. I have my pet wearing an hourglass corset for a few years and she seems to tolerate the reduction well now.
Is a stem waist corset much harder to wear? I would like to see if she can wear a stem waist with a length of 1″ or so?
Thanks for your help

Cathie:  I personally don’t find an extreme stem waist attractive. However, all my corsets have a heavy tape or band at the waist and it is an inch wide–just adds strength to the corset–Therefore I would conclude that a stem of one inch would be easy to accommodate to.