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Cathie, with her marvelous waist of 15 inch is always a joy and we will certainly publish more photographs and articles about her on this website.

Nashville, TN

Q. Hi dear, I just saw your website. You look Great!. I always have a wide rib cage. I have 3 kids I am 30 years old . I always like to have a small waist I was thinking to have ribs removal before. Do you think wearing a corset 24/7 can help? if yes what kind of corset I need? and where can I buy it?
Thank you.

Cathie: Thanks for your note. Yes, wearing a corset 24/7 can indeed help. Rib removal is not necessary as the lower ribs are “floatiing” ie not attached in front so they will mold over time. If you tell me roughly where you live I will give you some suggestions for a corset maker. If you are going to be successful, custom made is important. It need not be frilly and fancy. Let me hear from you. Cathie

Q. Hi Cathie, I ran across your site while doing some web surfing, and I’m just astonished! I am nearly speechless (or would that be type-less?) at your transformation. Your waist is so impossibly tiny – it’s just amazing!
You seem to have kept a ‘normal’ body size and figure for a number of years (I’m more than a bit envious) and I’ve always wanted a small waist. I have a while to go to catch up to you, my dear (I’m 42 right now) and I’m considering starting waist training to narrow my waist measurement (we shan’t discuss what is is right now – much too embarrassing!). I would like to keep up with my gym workouts while beginning my corset training – do you have any helpful tips for me?
I purchased a lovely leather corset dress recently on Ebay and it’s just wonderful – my husband’s reaction was so wonderful – I can only imagine what it will be if I take to wearing a corset all the time as you do. I’ve read through the FAQ and realize that I must start slowly, but I’m hopeful that wearing a corset will not only help me to narrow my waist, but lose weight, as I will be unable to eat as much as I currently do.
You are definitely an inspiration, and I applaud you. I know others have asked similar questions, but do you have a family physician (outside of your darling hubby) who keeps up with you and gives you a check-up annually? Since I live so close to Mystic, I’m surprised I’ve never met you, but that’s my loss – you must be absolutely fascinating to talk to. Good luck and good health to you and your hubby, and much success in all your endeavors.

Cathie: Thank you for taking the time to write. Do you know who made the corset dress and do you have a picture of you in it to forward to us? I do have a regular primary care doctor and don’t go wearing a corset so it doesn’t elicit any comments.
Do keep in touch and thanks again for writing. Cathie

Q. Dear Cathie & Bob, The pictures of you in the black leather corset on your website at Nashville are awesome!! At least it looks like it is made of leather?? The combination of your beautiful shapely figure and that corset is a fantastic picture. Would you mind telling me about the corset? Like is it actually leather?
BTW, the new blue corset in the next picture is also beautiful BUT your figure make every corset look its best!!
Best regards

Cathie: Thanks for your note. The corset is leather–made by Jeroen of Bizarre Design in Amsterdam. It was made using his early techniques–no front opening busk and stainless “u” hooks in the back for lacing. We converted him to eyelets subsequently. The blue corset was made by Melanie Talkington of Lace Embrace Atelier in Vancouver, BC. She had a soiree for us when we were out there–a black tie event with about two hundred guests!! We left on an Alaska cruise from Vancouver in June so spent the better part of a week out there prior to embarkation. Keep in touch.
Bob and Cathie

Q. Hello Cathie, You have a great corset body it looks very nice. I have a few questions about corsets because my girlfriend will be a corsetwearer too. How long you can wear a corset at beginning the progress? Does it hurt? Can you do sports with a corset?

Cathie: The most important issue when wearing a corset is the fit–it is imperative to have a corset custom made and do not try to have too much reduction in site. You must decrease your waist size gradually. The change in silhouette will give the appearance of a great reduction while the actual waist size may change very little. This initial corset should not be painful. When you are totally comfortable with this first corset and can wear it closed (I wear mine 24/7–just taking it off long enough to shower) order a new corset approximately two inches smaller. Start the same procedure again. It will progress more quickly at first and then slow downafter a corset or two.
I do not work out or play sports but there should be no reason not to if you don’t lace too tightly. Once you’ve moved to a smaller corset you can save the “old” one to wear when playing sports. We have a small sport fishing boat and go off shore deep fishing. I have no problem working on the boat and reeling in fish, etc.
If you want any more suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me by e-mail.

Good Luck

Q. Hi Cathie, Just when I think I thought I have seen all the pictures of your beautiful hourglass figure, you post even better ones! I am referring to the ones headed – Cathie in Nashville Tennessee, September 2005 Gallery 17. You are a definite showstopper in those corsets and will never lose you title as the Queen of Corsets.
However I am curios about 2 items. I think I noticed both items in earlier pictures but did not pay much attention so forgive me if I should have noticed before.
1. On both corsets in the lower pictures of gallery 17, you had 6 or more garter straps? Do most of your corsets have 6 or more garter straps? Do you have any preference as to how many you might use? Or is the number something Bob likes and you do for him?
2. the gold collar/necklace again in the lower 2 pictures. In one sense, the blue[?] jewel in front makes it look like a piece of jewelry. But the width gives it the appearance of a collar. So which is it?
If a collar, is it locking? And is lock visible meaning it can only be worn on limited occasions and has to be hidden by your long hair?
Whatever you are doing to look so young, keep doing it! In one writeup, Bob referred to your girlish figure and I have to heartedly agree!

Cathie: As for garters. I prefer three pairs for security of stockings and keeping them smooth and straight. I may have four pairs on some corsets but beyond that we don’t find any great attraction for more.
Re the neck piece/collar: it is silver and the stone is a blue topaz.. The back does fasten with a silver lock and is hidden under my hair. There is a picture of the back (I believe in gallery 4) showing the fastening.
It was nice hearing from you again. Bob sends regards.

Q. Cathie,  Thanks so much for sharing your corseting experience on your website. As you’ve heard a million, times, you’re an inspiration and show what perseverance can do.
I do have a question. I’m a 60-year-old male, 6’2″ and 190 lbs. Over the past two years I’ve corseted down from 32 inches to about 26 inches (uncorsetted). Some residual fat and a bit of skin is in the way of 24-25 inches, probably my limit.
Do you have any suggestions as to ways to get rid of stubborn fat and excess skin in that area? I wear a corset tighter at night and then loosen it up 1-2″ for daytime activities.
I do put on lotion, of course. But reduction is partly loss of fat/skin and partly organ relocation. The former is my focus now.
Best wishes and continued success.

Cathie: I think the fat dissipates over time. As for the “extra” skin, unless you are interested in having it removed by plastic surgery (I have not) the alternative is to try to pull it up or down while lacing. I don’t know if I have been of help but I do know what you mean.

Q. Cathie,  Thanks for getting back on this. As for “dissipating over time”, how can that process be assisted? Is it the pressure and contact from corseting over time? Is it the extra heat brought on by the corset surround? Since “spot reducing” supposedly doesn’t work, there must be something extra involved. You obviously are carrying very little subcutaneous fat around your midsection.
There are a few topical products used by physique athletes that based on my limited experience MAY help. Any comments? Have you tried any?
Best wishes.

Cathie: That has never been an issue for me. I think that pressure rather than heat is responsible. I am not aware of ny creams that work but from reading, etc understand that liposuction might be an option, particularly if you live in an urban area.